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From: The Desk of David Griffin & Leslie McQuade

To:  Magick Seekers Ready For The Truth About Spellcasting

Dear Magician,

Have you ever cast a Spell (that you put your heart and soul into)… and nothing happened?

Did it make you feel kind of embarrassed?  Maybe like you just didn’t know what you were doing? 

Well, if I told you that there was a simple way to structure your Spellwork so that that every Spell you cast – no matter what, why or where – works for you almost every single time…

… would you believe me? 

I didn’t believe it at first, because it sounded unbelievable.  

Until, I stumbled upon the ancient legend of Shaman Chi Jiao Di who’s unorthodox approach to Spellwork changed everything I thought I knew about Magick. 

So please, put your disbelief aside for just a moment, as you read every single word on this page, and make up your mind once you hear the amazing story I’m about to tell you.

The Amazing “Ironclad” Spell Secrets Of Master Chi Jiao Di That Makes Your Spells Work Every Time

Chi Jiao Di was famous in his village for casting Spells. When Chi Jiao was only 7 years old, he was selected by the famous Master Shaman and Chi fighter Liu kan Bei…

Liu Kan Bei was a seasoned court Magician, and warrior Shaman who fought many battles, performed many miraculous healings and was touted as being the strongest Spellcaster in the land.

He was also famed for his spartan like training that later Shaolin monks would try to emulate a few centuries later.

The training was arduous and Chi Jiao Di was not a fan of the lengthy brutal training sessions he was put through daily.

In fact he resented it…

But he soon showed quick prowess, after mastering the energy circulation technique of the poison red hand method, he was instructed to kill his first mountain lion…

The technique involved channeling great energies into the body whilst casting a powerful Spell, then sending the energy through the ground directly into the target.

How Real Power Is Gained

Liu Kan Bei demonstrated to Chi Jiao Di the power of his Spellcasting from a distance of 300 yards, to bring down a large water buffalo with ease a month before.

This was the same Liu Kan Bei that rose to the ranks of a fifteenth level Chi Master and Spellcaster and who won 27 death duels by Magick during the final years under his late Master, Yu the Great, who had tremendous magical powers and Spellcasting abilities himself. It was Yu who stopped the Great floods.

And it was Yu that made Liu Kan Bei sweep floors and carry unbelievably heavy barrels of water up the 1000 steps to the temple well each and every morning for 5 long years…before even beginning his magical training.

Liu Kan’s training had been so severe that he nearly died on three separate occasions. It was said, however, that each time Liu Kan was almost at death’s door that under Yu the Great’s watchful eyes, Liu seemingly was reborn, each time rising to ever greater power.

It was also thanks to Yu the Great’s intense training of Liu Kan Bei and insistence to master the essential basics to Liu’s limits…each time pushing the boundaries of refinement, that Liu Kan’s magical and spellcasting abilities rose to such prominence.

‘’NO BASE NO TRUE POWER!’’ Master Yu always shouted at Liu Kan daily, each time he saw Liu Kan looking demoralized.

No Essentials Mastered?–You’ve Guaranteed Failure!

Chi Jiao Di was supposed to replicate Liu Kan Bei’s feat with a young mountain lion that had grown to full size and was wreaking havoc in the area voraciously killing the local village cows.

His first attempt at 200 yards saw no effect, so Chi Jiao was told to move closer and try again. The second attempt also failed at 120 yards…So Chi Jiao Di moved ever closer quietly to 50 yards.

At this distance there was no room for failure.

For 22 months prior to this crucial moment in his training…Chi Jiao Di had been trained by Liu Kan Bei from first light well into darkness…And during Full Moon week the training would last well into the next morning.

Often Chi Jiao wanted to give up, only to find the sharp edge of Liu Kan Bei’s oak wooden staff slam painfully down on Chi Jiao’s hands.

The training though was nowhere near the levels Master Liu Kan had endured at Chi’s similar age.

Liu Kan Bei was a hard task master. He hailed from tough times and survival was never guaranteed with frequent raids from rival warlord gangs, bandits and the ever-present wildlife often cutting a man’s life extremely short.

The demand on skilled Chi Masters and Shamans, Spellcasters was very high. Often rival groups utilized the skills of their own Spellcasters to secure lands, assassinate rivals or create turmoil for their Master’s targets.

Mastering The Essentials Is The Only Guarantee Your Magick Will Work

Chi Jiao looked on with awe as Liu Kan Bei summoned spirits, moved objects and often entertained by making plates fly around the room. Such was his spellcasting mastery and magical abilities.

Chi Jiao often asked, will I be able to do that too Master?

Liu Kan replied: “Only if you are able to perform the basics and continue mastering them to higher levels of performance daily.”

But you must improve each day and better your performance from the previous day or you WILL NOT!

But Chi Jiao couldn’t see the connection with his basic exercises as hard as they were, and this obviously highly secretive form of Magick and Spellcasting his Master was performing.

Still yet, young Chi Jiao Di was oblivious to the fact of the urgency needed in his training for mastering the basic essentials fully. He felt secure as he never had to worry about food or shelter and had never experienced any sort of deprivation in his short 9 years of life.

The Stronger Your Spiritual Body, The More Reliably Your Magick Will Work

As part of Chi Jiao’s Training, he would have to channel energies and perform particular ritual movements while Spellcasting.

Most of these exercises required hours of continuous effort… at about the third month of training Master Liu Kan decided he could entrust Chi Jiao to continue performing some of the hourly exercises solo…and he would send Chi Jiao to the top of certain hilltops and cliffs high in the mountains to do so.

At first Chi Jiao would diligently perform his exercises during the full several hours required, yet after a while he gained confidence that Liu Kan wasn’t watching, he would only practice a few minutes, then settle in and take what he thought was a well deserved few hours of rest by napping.

But he made a big mistake. And now it was too late to recover any of that lost practice. Chi Jiao never dreamed his life would depend on his mastery of the Chi so soon.

Now, with the mountain lion crouched only 50 yards away, Chi Jiao summoned all his internal strength channeled his magical power, and reached out with all his strength into the Chi around him. Filled to overflowing with this vital life force, Chi Jiao crouched down and touched the ground with his left palm, as he transfixed his gaze on the snarling beast.

Chi Jiao chanted the powerful Spell and hurled his bolt of energy directly at the lion. It hit the Mark! The Lion growled, having felt the Hit…however… 

The beast did not go down. Chi Jiao’s blast had merely hurt the Lion, angered the beast. And now, wounded and angry, the Lion quickly determined the source of the attack. It locked onto Chi Jiao’s scent and bolted towards him at high velocity…

Chi Jiao, shocked to see the enraged Lion charging at him, summoned all his strength and sent another bolt of Chi charged with his spell into the lion…

But the Lion, sensing this second feeble attack, dodged to the left and avoided it. Then, sensing its opportunity, the snarling beast took one massive lunge at Chi Jiao…

Chi Jiao lay defeated and ready to embrace his death when, with a brilliant flash of light, the thunderbolt of Chi pierced the exposed heart of the lion. Limp and dead the beast fell to the earth, landing fully on Chi Jia, its sharp claws gauging into Chi Jioa’s right cheek, where the scar would forever remain.

Chi Jiao Di was saved, but he knew it was not his doing. For there, towering above his terrified disciple, the aged Master had merely raised his arm.With one palm raised and uttering powerfully a Spell, Master Liu Kan sent a blast of energy forcing the spell directly into the lion, which fell dead just before its jaws could close on Chi Jiao’s neck… 

If You Fail To Plan…You Plan To Fail…Failure Could Be The End Of Everything You Know

Master Liu Kan said…I hope you learnt that today you died! Chi Jiao!

There are no second chances in real life–No guarantees…

You wasted time; time you can never regain…and you almost died when it was easier to practice the essentials…

Chi Jiao replied: “But Master I didn’t know my life would be in danger today. If I knew, I would have practiced more diligently.

Master Liu Kan looked at Chi Jiao again…

If you don’t expect the unexpected…then you’ve placed your life at the mercy of something outside your control!

Master The Essentials And Your Spells Will Become Ironclad

A solid grounding in the Essentials is everything! Without it being as strong as you can make it, anything built on it later is a waste of effort! This is Magick! This is life!

Chi Jiao applied himself diligently from that point onwards. He had lost time and had to double his efforts, but in the end he thanked Master Liu Kan for pushing him so hard in mastering the Essentials…

It gave him the firm grounding that eventually allowed Chi Jiao Di to achieve great heights and confidence to walk through life with in full confidence he could achieve success through his Magick in whatever he chose. His Spells had become Iron Clad.

Well that story is one of my favorite legendary stories, I don’t know about you but each time I read it, it resonates so much truth and the lessons you can take from it are so applicable especially in these times…

Introducing…A Simple, Effective, And Grounded Spellcasting System To Help You Navigate Through The Chaos Of Today

Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and I (David Griffin) have really pooled all our 70 plus years of practical Magick experience to produce Spellcasting Essentials, our brand new course designed to give you a firm grounding in the essential skills of Spellcasting, to bring you up to a required level of magical ‘know-how’ power and confidence that will serve you time and time again and not fail you…

Leslie is a trained anthropologist and had the great privilege to study as a disciple of various Holy Men and Holy Women around the world. While living on the island of Okinawa, Leslie learned Spellcasting from a native Okinawan Shamaness called Yuki. Leslie later trained with respected Native American Holy Man, Manny Two Feathers, who created what he called “Core Sundance.” Manny distilled core elements of Sun Dance from tribal Rites across North and South America, using Leslie’s applied anthropology to reconstruct and revive important aspects of traditional Sun Dance that otherwise may have been lost forever. Numerous Sundance celebrations around the USA today carry on reconstructed and revived practices of Manny Two Feathers’ Core Sundance.

As for me, I am a Hermetic Master, Rosicrucian Imperator and high Initiate of these traditions. I wrote the Ritual Magick Manual, regarded by many as the definitive grimoire of Golden Dawn Magick. I teach Rosicrucian Magick and Hermetic Alchemy and bring the ancient Hermetic Laws of Manifestation to Spellcasting.

Leslie and I created Spellcasting Essentials to provide you with a set of principles and methods  guaranteed to give you a strong base in the essential skills necessary to cast Spells that are guaranteed to work every time.

‘’I am so glad I took this course, I had my doubts, but not now. my spells are so much more effective and I feel I have advanced a lot!’’ Kristina B. Calgary, Canada

In a speedy, efficient, useful and instantly practical manner as possible…all here for You

…and…without cutting any corners…

And this is a NEW course. We specifically tuned it and refined it…to help build the essential skills most needed but most often overlooked in even more seasoned Magicians and Spellcasters.

Spellcasting Essentials Is All Beef!

Protein and Nutrients to give you what you need to grow strong and reach your full potential…so to speak in a magical sense.

Therefore… if you have ever felt stuck, or disappointed or even worried…

There is help! I want to give you those tools now!

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We have put together this full NEW course to take you to a level where you MASTER the essentials so you can start enjoying results sooner rather than later.

Introducing Spellcasting Essentials

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Do you ever wish you could boost your abilities and guarantee your Spells work in the way you intended?

The good news is that all of this and more is possible with Spellcasting Essentials. But there is also bad news. As we have learned from Master Chi Jiao Di, if you wish to excel as a Spellcaster, you must first Master the Essentials.–And this requires both effort and discipline.

Magick That Works The First Time, Every Time

With Spellcasting Essentials…you will have a powerful foundation like no other. And this is a Brand New course. We specifically tuned it and refined it…to help build the essential skills most needed but most often overlooked in even more seasoned Magicians and Spellcasters.

This course is designed for beginners–but is suitable for anyone that wants to ensure your Future rituals/Spells will work!

No more Failures, No more Backfires, No more Disappointments…only success!

‘’I was so worried about what to do after the lockdowns, I felt depressed. My Wife bought me this course as we both are into magic. I can only express extreme gratitude. This spellcasting course gave us new hope and we were able to attain what we needed through essential spellwork. Thanks again!’’ –Kim and Denzel F. Boston N.Y

Give your Spells the solid basis, secrets and essentials that insure success! And bring you peace of mind knowing you will get the results you expect.

If this sounds just like what you can do with more of…

then read on my friend…

 …because your eyes are about to open even wider as I introduce you to endless possibilities…

Take A Look At Everything You Get Inside Spellcasting Essentials Today

You get 19 information packed practical video lessons, plus 19 Deluxe Full-Color Transcripts all for you to instantly access and begin enjoying the magical lessons that will give you the keys to overflowing abundance for life!

Let’s take a deeper dive into what this life changing course is all about. We begin with…

Module 1: The Laws Of Manifestation

Meet your instructors, Alexandrian Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin. Originally a three-part mini course, in The Laws of Manifestation, David and Leslie give you an excellent introduction to the Hermetic Laws of Manifestation that underlie Spellcasting.

Unit 1 – How to Begin

  • Meet Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin

  • What is covered in this unit

  • What are Spells? Their origins explained

  • Are Spells Black Magick? White Magick? or a Gray area?

  • Chivalry & Magical Ethics–What is it and why you should adopt it

  • A Vitality Spell to bring back that spark

Unit 2 – The Laws of Manifestation

  • How is Spellcasting similar to and different from the Law of Attraction?

  • Find out how Spellcasting is similar and different to the Power of Prayer?

  • The Secret Laws of Manifestation explained

  • The Law of Sympathy elaborated

  • The Law of Contagion–How it works

  • The Law of Correspondence–What you need to know

Unit 3 – Using The Laws of Manifestation

  • What we have learned so far and how to best use it in practice

  • What is abundance? You must know this

  • An Abundance Spell to manifest abundant health and fitness into your life

Module 2: What Makes Spells Work?

In this module, Leslie and David reveal some of the vital principles that make Spells work, then illustrate them with practical examples like a killer weight-loss Spell and an emergency Money Spell that works reliably when you really need it to.

In this module, you will discover…

  • Love, Appreciation and devotion…what’s the connection with Spells?

  • Symbols and energetic capacity-revealed

  • Contagious properties and spells what are they?

  • The egregore, everyday psychism and energetic connection-what you need to know

  • Important Q&A’s to help put you on the right track

  • The levers and levels of power–What are they? And how to use them

Module 3: Spellwork Essentials For Beginners

In this module, Leslie and David lay out the Essentials of Spellcasting for you in a clear and easily understandable manner.

Here are a few of the things you will learn in this module…

  • Using emotion to fuel spells effectively

  • The biggest challenge for beginners of Spellcasting and Magick

  • The Child’s Mind principle to Power Charge your Spells fully explained

  • Why you should try Karaoke Spells–We show you how step-by step

  • The Will of the Magician, getting this part right is crucial–We give you the map to get this right

Module 4: Spell Targeting

Everyone has Spells that misfire at times. What distinguishes a trained Spell caster is the ability to successfully troubleshoot a Spell. In this module David and Leslie show you how to analyze a Spell that misfires to hopefully make it fire correctly during a second attempt. Some of the factors to consider are environment, intention, the Laws of Manifestation, and good record keeping.

Here is a small sampling of what you will learn in this foundational module…

  • Can you really cast any spells such as ‘get a job’ spell on behalf of someone who is willing and consented?

  • How do you form a link between your spell and the target of the spell?” We give you several methods

  • The strongest link to use in your spell – Revealed

  • An obscure Method used by Western Witches explained

  • How to infuse yourself with qualities you need

  • Symbols and Spellcasting–What a difference they can make for You!

Module 5: The Evil Genius

In this unit we examine the first obstacle to successful Magick that every aspiring Magician encounters, the “Inner Critic” or “Evil Genius” that is almost guaranteed to sabotage your Spells–unless you learn how to overcome it. We look at strategies how to overcome your “Evil Genius,” especially suited for the beginning Magician. We also discuss the limitations of the Law of Attraction and how Spellcasting overcomes them.

In this unit, you will discover…

  • The dangerous Demon of doubt–How to banish it forever

  • What is meant by the democratization of Magick?

  • Why you need to cast a lot of spells–The reason may surprise you

  • Keeping a Magickal Diary/Journal or notebook–Is it really necessary?

  • High and low Magick explained–The truth

  • Should you learn many magical systems? The answer may be a wake-up call for you!

Module 6: Repurposing Spells

David and Leslie reveal how ancient Spells can be repurposed for other uses than they were originally intended.

In this module, you will learn…

  • Can repurposing a Spell used previously to harm people cause negative Karma?

  • How to clean up a Spell. You need to know this ASAP!

  • Spirit Magick and the Golden Dawn system–Things you didn’t know

  • Magical “white-out”? Yes or no?

  • Different Spells from around the world you can use instantly-Mapped out for your use

Module 7: Troubleshooting Spells

Everyone has spells that misfire at times. What distinguishes a trained Spellcaster is the ability to successfully troubleshoot a Spell. This Module ensures you get things right the very first time, but if not , then you will get it right the second time using these specific methods! No one is perfect, we can agree on that, but we want you to experience success as early as possible. This module was designed to do exactly that for you!

Some of the factors to consider are…

  • What was happening in your environment?

  • How did you fuel your the Spell?

  • Did you set your intention correctly with clear goals?

  • Is the spell constructed in accordance with the laws of Magick (Correspondence, Sympathy, and Contagion)? and

  • Was the sympathetic link with your target strong enough?

  • We also discuss the importance of good record keeping and how to use your records to troubleshoot your Spells.


Module 8: Grimoires, Spirits & Spells

This module is one we are absolutely sure you will love. The subject is highly requested and we have delivered! In this module, David and Leslie show you how to ramp up the power of your Magick using Spells and Spirits of the past.

Some of the most important things you will learn in this module are…

  • Why ancient Spells are a surefire sign of likely success

  • A Spells group soul egregore explained

  • How to use any Grimoire. any Book of Spirits, and use your own ceremonial instructions instead

  • Using the keys of old Spells with your own recipes – explained

Module 9: Fresh Start Spell

Trapped In A Bad Relationship? Toxic Job? Power Harassing Boss? Nasty co-workers? Use This Spell to get rid of what no longer works to make room for something new!

Some of what you will learn in this module…

  • How to Refresh your mind, heart and life with this awesome Fresh Start Spell! A peace of mind guarantee!

  • The importance of formulating your intention

  • Why Halloween should be a key day for you

  • Laser like focus and attention when Spellcasting- the results you can expect

Module 10: Protection Spells

Many people mistakenly think Magick only works if you believe in it. Not true. Don’t leave yourself and those you love vulnerable to Black Magick attack. David and Leslie show you how to use Spells to protect yourself magically at work, at home and in daily life. This is a highly sought-after module and it’s at your fingertips. Master it and live life without fear.

Here is some of what you will discover in this essential module…

  • Letting down your guard at the workplace–Why this is a big mistake

  • Camouflaging your protection spells

  • Visualizations and gestures you should use

  • The consequences of randomly cursing

  • Magick resources you should use ASAP

Module 11: Love Spells & Magical Chivalry

David and Leslie discuss the efficacy and ethics of Love Spells and the essentials of Magical Chivalry, a code of transcendant values and magical ethic not dependant on any external authority.

In this module, you will discover…

  • Discover how to use your magical will to cast love spells; whether to find a new partner or to rekindle your existing relationship with renewed passion.

  • Enhance your life with a truly beautiful set of Spells that ignite the heart and bring beautiful experiences into your life

  • Also find out what Magical Chivalry is and why you should use it in your life right away

  • Why leave your life partner to chance? Draw in Real life lasting love and strong Beautiful relationships with the Spells and methods contained in this module.

Module 12: Stone & Mineral Spells

David and Leslie discuss the Magick of stones and minerals, together with Spellcasting fundamentals applied to minerals and rocks. In this module, Leslies unique point of view both as Witch Queen and trained geologist really shines through to give you a deep understanding of the Magick of the mineral world.

In this module, you will unearth how to… 

  • Switch On The God-Force Energy within You

  • Get started with Magick today using this one simple highly impactful method

  • Primary and secondary aspects to Spellcasting

  • Rhymes and power names with stone and mineral spells

  • Your powerful will and your creative, energetic self–The importance

Module 13: Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick is gaining enormously in popularity and for good reason. A skilled Spellcaster can work miracles with them. In this module, you will learn the magnificent effective use of one of nature’s powers applied with potent easy to apply Spells.

In this module, David and Leslie share with you…

  • Selenite? What is it and what can you replace it with?

  • How to effectively use Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Fluorite

  • Unlock the full power of Crystal Spell Magick and allow the blessings enter and benefit your life–all revealed in this exciting module!

  • If you want your Spell to manifest quickly, then you should choose a crypto-crystalline quartz–we explain the process to you!

Module 14: Poppet Spells

Discover the many amazing ways that Poppets can be used with Spells. David and Leslie guide you through secret uses of Poppets for Spellcasting.

In this module, you will discover…

  • Learn the best practices for poppet creation and how poppets are best used for self-transformation.

  • Jewish Golem Magick and poppets

  • Using clothing and hair to activate a poppet

  • How to use Poppets for Protection Magick

Module 15: Beckoning Cat

Beckoning Cat is a spell that began in Japan, then achieved enormous popularity throughout Asia. David and Leslie take you for a tour of the Magick of the beckoning cat.

Among the mystgeries you will discover…

  • The secret of Beckoning Cat’s enormous popularity

  •  A Spell almost guaranteed to bring in New Clients

  • The magical history of the Beckoning Cat

  • The connection with fasting and success revealed

Module 16: Appalachian Folk Magick

Anyone who tells you that there is no American folk Magick has clearly never been to Appalachia. Leslie was born in the coal camps of West Virginia and developed a deep and abiding interest in Magick already as a child. You will gain the benefit of Leslie’s deep interest in Appalachian folk Magick home grown in the forests of West Virginia.

In this module, David and Leslie reveal…

  • Appalachian folk Magick: Whittling Spells–How to do it right

  • Thrift Store Spellcasting

  • Creating Low Magick Wands

  • Signs that indicate a Folk Spell is working

  • Record keeping to make your Spellcasting more effective

  • How to correctly carve sigils

Module 17: Appalachian Mountain Magick

Appalachian Mountain Magick embodies a confluence of various folk Magick traditions. You have a strong influence of Native American healers, followed by the influence of a first wave of Northern European settlers, then followed by a second wave, this time of Eastern European immigrants. One of the most characteristic aspects of Appalchian Mountain Magick is its diversity, which can differ literally from hollow to hollow.

In this module, you will discover…

  • The beaver tooth and straight “A”s

  • How to create and charge a powerful charm jar

  • Working with associations and infusing them into your Magick

  • A simple method to get rid of a cursed object with no adverse effects

Module 18: Harvest Magick

David and Leslie discuss how to harness the energies of the seasons for use in Spells. Cycles are very important in Magick and the seasonal cycles of the Sun can be used magically in many ways. In this module, you will discover Spells that work best in Spring, and how to always reap a rich harvest in your life.

Among what you will unearth in this sumptuous module….

  • Harvest seasonal energies to aid you in your magical work

  • The Seed Spell that never fails

  • The Spring Spell: A process to make great things happen–Detailed for you

  • Combining Love and Passion energies into seasonal Spells

Module 19: Moon Magick

In this module, we continue our investigation of cycles in Magick, but this time cycles of the Moon are our focus. David and Leslie reveal how to use lunar cycles to your advantage to get maximum effect with your Spells.

In this module, you will uncover…

  • What “consecration” really means in Magick

  • What is a magical campaign?–How to build maximum power

  • Using the moon phases for different spells and different results

  • The laws of waxing and waning moon phases and how to use them to your advantage

  • “Void of course” and how not to use it explained

  • Cycles: Building power with a 1, 7 or 49 day Spell cycle

Now that you have seen all these amazing video lessons and transcripts you will gain access to …that make up this groundbreaking Spellcasting Essentials course…

That’s 19 full fledged modules covering every aspect of your magickal practice, and how to apply it into your life. 

Just Imagine….

Imagine waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing that you are in your full power, and anything that comes into your life today will be great.

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– Dorothy Milton  Pensacola, Florida

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Failure Is Not An Option You Can Afford In Today’s World – Is It?

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Could you afford that to happen?

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When Life Brings You Unexpected Challenges, Will You Be Prepared?

When Chi Jiao Di took naps on the mountain, he never dreamed his life would soon depend on essential skills he failed to master.

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Prosperity Magick 101

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All of us deserve to live fully prosperous lives, although complete prosperity still eludes many of us. To become fully prosperous, it takes more than just wealth. Love, health, vitality, and good fortune are also equally as important. Having become fabulously prosperous in each of these arenas in our own lives, Leslie and I designed this revolutionary course to share some of the secrets of our personal prosperity with you.

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Module 1: Love Magick

In this module, David and Leslie reveal key elements of love magick and how to use it to attract more fulfilling relationships. Finding a new relationship is easy, but finding one that will fulfill you on all levels over time is nearly impossible without Magick. Astonishingly, love and romance are arenas of life where even seasoned Witches, Spellcasters and Magicians end up thinking like muggles. We human beings are complex, many faceted creatures. How can we expect to find someone who fulfills us on all those levels without Magick?

In this module, you will discover…

  • The Secret to Casting the Love Cleansing Spell

  • Cocoa Powder and chocolate uses in Love spell formulas

  • The Mysteriously effective Hungarian Love Spell

  • The Only Candle Love Spell you will ever need – revealed

  • The Ancient Love combination Hair and Wick Spell

Module 2: Solar Prosperity Magick

The old saying goes that “man does not live by bread alone.” We all know how to feed our physical bodies, but our culture does not even accept that we also have an energetic body, most frequently called our Soul. How then should we learn to feed our energetic bodies, when our culture does not even accept its existence. In this module, David and Leslie reveal how to feed and nourish your energetic body with living light streaming from the Sun.

This amazing module includes….

  • How to properly nourish your magical Body of Light

  • The Morning Illumination Ritual

  • Enlightenment vs Illumination–What this essential distinction means for you

  • Achieving Health, Prosperity and Charisma through Solar Magick

Module 3: Modern Wealth Magick

This is not some Law of Attraction–positive thinking–hocus pocus. Modern Wealth Magick is based on solid principles of Spellwork that have aided humanity since prehistoric hunters first cast spells for a good hunt in the Lascaux cave paintings.

Among what we cover in this groundbreaking module…

  • Self-defeating consciousness vs Prosperity consciousness

  • Assessing your wants and needs and applying it to Magick Spells

  • Spiritual wealth vs Material wealth and happiness

  • Achieving the life of your dreams–Is it possible?

Module 4: Health Magick

According to the Hermetic Tradition, the physical body is the tenple of the Soul. Nothing is more important to successful Magick and Spells than radiant health. David and Leslie reveal how to use Spells and nutrition to stay healthy while also making your Spells work better.

In this lesson, you will learn…

  • Spells to overcome burn-out and negativity

  • Nutrition and Herb Magick

  • Malnutrition and modern living–how to get Healthy again

  • The foods and substances in foods that adversely affect our magical abilities

  • Regaining health and free living, boosting your Magick

Module 5: Chinese Fortune Spell

The Chinese “Golden Toad” Fortune Spell is perhaps the most popular good fortune Spell of all times due to its enormous popularity in China. And for good reason, because Chin Chu also called Jin Chan (The Golden Toad) is a magical magnet for good fortune. It works!

In this module, you will learn…

  • The Golden Toad Chinese Fortune Spell

  • What is especially significant about the red ribbon?

  • The little dipper star system connection

  • Specific coins you will need for an altar

  • How to setup a Chinese wishing well for fortune that isn’t even a well

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David Griffin is S.L. MacGregor Mathers’ present successor as Imperator of the Alpha Omega Rosicrucian Mystery School and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Like Mathers before him, Griffin is fluent in many languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and English).

David became an ordained minister in Paris in 1998 and was consecrated to the Episcopate in 1999 as Bishop Ioannes. Rev. Leslie McQuade and David are involved in an experimental archeology project, reviving the ancient Magick of Jesus Christ as recovered by archeologists in 1786 in the First and Second Books of Jeu in the Bruce Codex. You can watch David and Leslie’s daily sunrise rituals hourly on Facebook and YouTube 24/7/365.

David is also  a high grade Freemason: 33, 90, 96 Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim (in possession of the complete and true Arcana Arcanorum), 32 AASR, KT, IX Swedish Rite), and an initiate of several other Continental European Rosicrucian and Hermetic societies whose names remain confidential.

David additionally holds Martinist and Reaux Croix esoteric transmissions as well as those of the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Asiatic Brethren (Fratres Lucis), the Frères Ainées de la Rose Croix (F.A.R.+C.), and several other European Rosicrucian and Hermetic orders and societies.

Griffin holds substantial additional Rosicrucian initiatic transmissions. These include the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Asiatic Brethren, the Societas Rosicruciana of Backstrom, Reaux Croix, and the Rose Cross of Egypt (Rose Croix d’Orient).

Leslie McQuade is a trained anthropologist and archeologist, specializing in Magick and Magical traditions. Leslie’s extensive international experience as a field archaeologist and ethnographer, which includes digs for the Carnegie Mellon museum and the Japanese department of Education, blends the best of academic discoveries in the field of Magick with down-to-earth practical applications learned from native practitioners around the world.

Leslie has received training from Master Spellworkers and Shamans around the world, including from traditions as varied as that of Yuki of Okinawa and Olga of Kazakhstan, to that of Sun Dance Chief Manny Two Feathers, whom Leslie aided as anthropologist in his revival of traditional Sun Dance.

Manny Two Feathers relied heavily on Leslie’s expertise and research skills to distill out Manny’s personal synthesis that he called “Core Sun Dance”, by drawing on the best of traditional Solar Rites from across the Americas. Manny Two Feathers was open to training non-Native Americans as he himself was “metis”.
A devout Polytheist, Leslie holds multiple Pagan lineages. Revered as Witch Queen in the Alexandrian tradition, Leslie was additionally adopted into the ‘del Bosco Sacro’ family tradition in Italy. Leslie today serves as Cancellaria of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Chief Adept of the R.R.+A.C
Ordained as a Christian minister on June 24, 2019, Rev. McQuade today serves as officiating High Priestess of the Alpha Ωmega, where together with Bishop David Griffin, she is reconstructing and reviving the ancient rites of the Lost Magick of Jesus.
Spellcasting Essentials is brought to you by Alpha Ωmega.
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