World renowned Imperator of the HOGD, Rosicrucian Mystery School Magick Expert David Griffin, now shares with you…

“Let me show you how thousands

are developing God-like powers and abilities

they never thought they could.”

The Secret

Of Connecting To The GOD-FORCE

& Attaining God-like Magical Powers


Recently banned in 12 countries including the Vatican,

China, Saudi Arabia…and 12 states in the U.S.A.

A leading Rosicrucian Magick expert reveals …

highly – guarded, proven rituals that connect you with the God-Force. 

Learn how to become one with the God-Force & bend the world to your will.

Even if you don’t believe it really works or may think Magick is BS! 

Are you up to the challenge to become more than human?

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“A must for anyone interested in personal and spiritual development!”

– Cris Monnastre

Disciple of the Golden Dawn’s most influential leaders

A breathtaking and comprehensive Ceremonial Magick tour de force!”

– Lon Milo DuQuette

​(Author of Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millennium)

 “A manual for Self-Initiation…

into the magical forces of the Elements, Planets, Zodiac and Sephiroth.

This manual has helped lots of students to charge their energetic bodies.”

– Tomas Stacewitz

​Gothenburg, Sweden

“The only Magick book you will ever need again.”

– Umberto Moreno

​Mexico City, Mexico

From:  David Griffin
Re:  The SECRET METHODS of the Magick of Light REVEALED!  How you can transform your life in 10 minutes a day.

Dear Friend,

     Did you grow up in a religious family?

     And did you ever feel a silent longing deep inside of you like something was missing, even though you couldn’t put a finger on it?

     What if I could tell what that was?..

     Would you like to know why?

I’ve been in your shoes and I know how you feel…

And you know what? It’s not your fault! 

   You just didn’t know the secret spiritual truth that can propel you into a life of Magical Mastery you never thought possible

     That I’m about to reveal to you in this in a second…

     The simple story I’m about to tell you is one that could quite literally give you that all important AHA! Moment and it has a twist…

     So read it all the way through to the end now while it’s still online.

     …I will show you how you can successfully Self-Initiate…

     into the magical forces of the Elements, Planets, Zodiac and Sephiroth.

     So you can charge YOUR energetic body with the most powerful source energy in existence and become the Master of your own Destiny.

     Does the above statement sound too bold and good to be true? If you really want to find out, keep an open mind until you read this entire page to the end.

     …you can prove it to yourself and find the answer you’ve been looking for if you do…

     My name is David and I grew up in a middle class American Family in a very small, conservative and quiet town.  

     But there was something very different about me … 

     Let me tell you a story like no other…

     Unlike my friends, who would squirm and wiggle in church – I was so devoted to God that I always paid full attention and gave him my all!

     My church loved my youthful conviction, and I told myself that each time I prayed I was getting closer and closer to God… Sound Familiar?

     So as you can imagine…I prayed, and I prayed and I prayed. 

     I went to church daily and prayed some more…but you know what?

Nothing ever happened!…

     I remember kneeling before the altar one Warm humid misty morning at mass, my palms sweating as I bowed my head.

     But, this time deep down inside, I felt like God was a million miles away. 

     It was like I was calling him on the phone and he wasn’t answering my call.

     I simply couldn’t feel that connection, you know the feeling of when you are really into someone yet they never invite you to come over and even worse when you say Hi, they look right past you and keep walking?…that feeling!

     I started shaking as all of a sudden a feeling of doubt and inadequacy swept over me, The kind of doubt one has just before a race or when it’s your turn to bat and the team depend on you to hit a home run, yet everyone’s looking at you not in encouragement but in embarrassment that it’s you.

     As I knelt dejected before the altar, my eyes gazing down at the stone…

     I wondered…

     Was I Not Good Enough For God Anymore?

     Had I let him down somehow?  Maybe GOD simply didn’t LOVE me?…

     I felt like something was seriously wrong, out of place

     – like… 

I knew something BIG was missing!

     Something that should have been, simply wasn’t there…

     Have you ever had those kinds of doubts or feelings?

     You probably know how I was feeling…

     Like in that famous painting where a man is reaching to God but he can’t touch his finger, his infinite love felt just out of reach and I had no idea why!

That day, I made up my mind – I wanted the Answer!

    I was half embarrassed and yet part of me started burning up in anger…I decided! That’s it! I said to myself…I would go on a lifelong quest to discover the REAL truth.

     And this is why you’re here reading this right now, you see in many ways we are more alike than you ever thought…

     I was convinced there was a very powerful energy inside of us and an ability latent in me to become Master of my own destiny…

     What was this I was reading in the Old Testament?

     Didn’t it seem like Magick? Powerful Magick by Magicians of old, performing miracles, connecting to a source of energy a God-Force that made them more than others…more than human?

     And why then the sudden veil of secrecy and censored change in the New Testament?

     Jesus was seemingly performing some sort of Magick for sure, yet…something WAS missing and being held back from us…we were now being told only to have FAITH?!

     NO! I knew there WAS MORE…I KNEW there was A POWERFUL SECRET being deliberately kept from us…


     I dove into every metaphysical, philosophical, classical and now magical texts I could find in the great libraries of my College, burning the midnight oil in seek and in search of something that would give me the ANSWER.

     A few years later, I even majored in Spiritual Studies at J.F.K. University, just to learn about how every culture across the globe goes about finding what is commonly referred to as “God” and about these magical miracles.

     I studied Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and every other eastern “ism” out there, because those were the only subjects that talked about stuff I liked, such as “paths to enlightenment” and God being inside of you,  (not some big principal kind-of-guy in the sky with stern look on his face and a wise beard).

     And, while they DID talk about God unlike anywhere I’d ever read or heard, they were all   expressed in symbols and veiled in ways too foreign for a simple kid from the USA like me to understand!

    What I discovered next however…changed my life forever.

A magical Spiritual Power unlike any other.

     I spent the next 31 years mastering languages, ritual magick texts, pouring over ancient grimoires and studying as well as applying through trial and error the best core methods taught in the ancient Hermetic and Rosicrucian traditions…

     and finally found the way to re-connect with the Divine Magical Current that dwells deep within us all.

     That feeling of being connected to center, of being “one with Source” that I had been searching for had finally arrived..

     and after that re-connecting…

     I was able to take full control of my life and make powerful positive manifestations to take place  on my way to becoming a Master of My own Destiny!

     And by the time you finish reading the entire page…you too will be in a position, ready to become

     A Master of your own destiny…read on!

     And All it took was the simple shift from “God is outside of me” that my church had taught me, into the true direct knowing that “God is within me” that I learned from Ritual Magick (that even my Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu friends agree on). Then – suddenly and unexpectedly, a powerful God-Force energy ignited within me – flowing outward through my body and connecting me with everything!

     And I promise you that once you re-connect to this Magical God-Force (and I will show you how) you will be able to Use:

The secrets to making magical energy manifest to change reality around you to what you want it to be!

The wealth manifesting secrets of Earth Magick that bring your big dreams of prosperity and health into reality in the most practical way.

Use the most effective formula for Words of magical power – that triple the effectiveness of any magical ritual or manifestation you perform.

How to vibrate certain vowels for maximum magical effect and Higher consciousness, and when to do it!

     Are any of the above abilities you would like to have as spiritual and magical skillsets to help you attain more of what you want and need in your Life?

     If not…then you can return to your mundane life…the journey ends here for you…I am not going to tell you what to do…however, If YOU DO…then keep reading .

     I am about to reveal a LOT more in a second…

     And give you PROOF of the GOD-FORCE and how it works on all spiritual and physical planes…

The Secret principle & proof they kept from you!

     There is a Universal energetic field that flows through everyone and everything.

     Everything – including you and I – are a part of it!

     and …

     This Universal Life Force is within us and without us.

   In the East, they call this vital energy Chi, Kundalini, and Prana. Western Magicians call this same energy Lux (spelled LVX).

     I call this life energy – God-Force.

God-Force is the fabric of the entire Universe.

It is the most powerful source of Magick in existence!

     I can best demonstrate this to you if I show you a key diagram to this secret revelation,

     Bear with me…I have to get a little technical…but YOU will be GLAD I did!…

    Have you ever heard about toroidal dynamics? 

Probably not huh? 

… well let me tell you about how it all works!

     WHEN you re-connect with the GOD-FORCE, you tap into an eternal energy field (the source) that flows through and connects absolutely everything in the Universe…

     …from a Macrocosmic level…

…to a Microcosmic level… 

     – AND this is how the principle works on a practical level:

     If we look at our Amazing ever expanding Universe, From the center out to the edge of a galactic halo, stars go out to the galactic halo and back again.

     We can see this working in nature too…

     …the weather from the north pole to the equator then back up, from the south pole up to the equator then back down, even the dynamics on the surface of the sun are very similar…

     Of course we are looking at the external model, however when we take this to the solar system, embedded in the galaxy, embedded in the cluster, embedded in the super cluster you will see that we are travelling in this infinite sea of torus energy flow …

     …Which enters one end then circulates around the center and exits out the other side.

     The GOD-FORCE connection creates an everlasting spiritual and physical energy flow of Magick that is balanced, self-regulating and always whole.

This is the primary pattern nature uses for life at every scale.

      What is on the spiritual levels gets manifested into the physical using this very magick principle, this is the re-connecting to that original center force…the GOD-FORCE

     …we draw down this linking current into our center which activates our own GOD-FORCE center connecting link…and once ignited… what is above is as below…you get it?

     I discovered through over 31 years of study and practice and put together the very rituals, spiritual exercises and methods for re-connecting you with the GOD-FORCE…

     Which once awakened within you, will hand you …

The Secret key to become the Master of your destiny!

And manifest more of what you want and need into your life!

     Once I discovered the God-Force, it was like all of the pieces of my spirituality were finally coming together.

And when this seed energy awakens within you, it connects you eternally into the source without…it is demonstrated in the internal energy flow diagram above…

     Take a good look …re read the above paragraphs…and tell me…did you have that AHA!!! Moment just now too?

     Are you following me?

     If not, It’s ok, the spiritual process for this powerful Magick will be revealed to you, through the use of one of the most EFECTIVE magical transformation secrets ever known to man…

      And before now it was only known to the select members of the HOGD

     … How to utilize the GOD-FORMS …Another amazing system that you WILL safely put to use to give you an advantage in your magick that others simply won’t have.

     Now…Fast forward to a few years ago, my friends and family all knew that something big had changed in me, and they finally started asking me questions. 

But where would I even BEGIN?

     Tell them about my journey into spiritual development beginning with my special discovery of the God-Force?

     Tell them how connecting with the God-Force fills me to overflowing with life energy?   

     Tell them how I learned to wield it using the ancient Magick of Light to become the Master of my own Destiny?

     Say how I discovered a uniquely Western System that took the “active” practices of the God-Force centering around common divine principles, fundamental to all of the great spiritual traditions around the world?

     I mean, these are the enlightenment-seeking “magical” secrets – common to the highest teachings of Taoism, Tantra, Yoga, and WESTERN Mystery Schools.

     – Ancient secret methods for spiritual attainment that they won’t tell you about in church, mosque or synagogue, because here in the West these methods have been hidden away in secret societies for Centuries.

     Would they even believe me?

You can probably imagine my predicament…

     So, instead of trying to explain my remarkable 31 year journey…  I knew the time had come for the veil of secrecy to be torn asunder.

     These methods were too valuable to be hoarded away in secret societies to be practiced only by a power hungry group of elitists…

     So I started compiling all of the ancient, life changing “Magick of Light” principles and practical methods that I discovered and practiced along the way. 

     That way, everyone who wished to learn could see for themselves, form their own opinion, and gain access to secret spiritual methods of immense potential power without having to work your way up the ladder of a secret society to “maybe someday” get them.  

And that’s what I’m going to GIVE you today.

     Because if you’re anything like I was, and you’re almost at the point in your life and faith that you’re screaming at the sky “why am I here and what does this all mean?” then this might just be that “missing piece” of your relationship with the power center, the GOD-FORCE that you’ve been searching for. 

The Magick of Light…

Your secret spiritual birthright restored!

     Over the years, my studies intensified.  I became a Rosicrucian and worked my way up to becoming leader of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

     I learned EIGHT languages just to read all the various magick texts, ancient Rosicrucian grimoires and secret Hermetic alchemical manuscripts. 

     My entire life purpose became to help people just like you discover your TRUE spiritual nature, CONNECT with the infinite love and light force we call God, and CREATE divinity in your life using simple, step-by-step rituals that take minutes to learn, and a lifetime to benefit from.

     Then, in 1999, my masterpiece was finally ready, just in time to make a gift of the Magick of Light to all humanity to celebrate the coming of a new Millennium and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

     You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on ritual magick like I did … learn English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese like I had to … and practice this stuff for 31 years like I have, and figure it out on your own …


     Read everything you need to know about the secret method of the Magick of Light in a single book that condenses everything I’ve learned into a simple, step by step reference guide…

… that lays out everything you’ll ever need to know about each ritual you’ll perform, and how it will directly affect your life. 

     No fluff.  No B.S.  Just detailed instructions and systems you need to awaken tremendous powers beyond this world and direct them to change your life for you.      It’s called …The Ritual Magick Manual …

     Here’s A Tiny Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside …

How to banish negative energy from your personal space in 90 seconds anywhere in the world and eliminate threats from your life.

How to cleanse your energy aura and quickly, reset your emotional state using a simple gesture and stance that takes 23 seconds or less! 

The simple steps to perform basic but powerful Light Magick in the comfort of your own home using simple supplies you can pick up for less than $30!

​​​​​​How to vibrate certain vowels for maximum magical effect, and when to do it! 

How to speak the language of Angels!  This sacred “Enochian” language is what divine beings respond to best, even if you don’t understand it!

The true reason religious leaders show us cups, swords, disks and wands during religious services, and what they won’t tell you!

How to use the Magick of Light to attain Higher Consciousness through contact with Angels. (Hint: Since Angels vibrate as fast as light, they can pull you up!)

Rituals of Elemental Magick:  The secret to making magical energy manifest to change reality around you to what you want it to be!

How to create effective Talismans by infusing God-Force power into everyday items that protect you from harm and draw abundance into your life just by keeping it nearby!

A simple roadmap for “Astrology Magick” ceremonies that harness your hidden desires, urges and motivations to see into your future and control your own destiny!  (Hint:  This is not your typical “horoscope” mumbo jumbo.  This is the real truth!).

Astonishing rituals of “Planetary Magick” that transform any aspect of your personality into the most effective and successful version of yourself humanly possible! 

How to upgrade the way you interact with the world using Zodiacal Magick of the 12 astrology signs!  (Note:  Did you know the three wise men were Astrologers? You’ll be shocked at what else is true.) 

The practical truth behind “House Magick” that takes esoteric theories and turns them into a sacred system of life transformation that works in the real world.

How to invoke the forceful energy of Fire Magick that grants you authority and power over others, even if you’re too timid to speak in public.

10 ancient “Tree of Life” energies you can infuse into your body and experience “otherworldly” sensations you can’t explain to the uninitiated, even if you tried!  (Hint: One of them is a direct link to “Christ consciousness” that allowed Jesus to perform miracles daily).

The fertile secrets of Water Magick that empower your emotions and spark your intuition so you can manifest love faster than you ever thought possible.

How to invoke Angels with Air Magick so you can master your mental process and discipline yourself to live in abundance without trying hard.

The wealth manifesting secrets of Earth Magick that bring your big dreams of prosperity and health into reality in the most practical way.

How to MASTER your demons instead of being a slave to them!

And much, MUCH more …

     That’s just a small glimpse what’s packed inside this 660+ page Ritual Magick Manual that you can literally use for the rest of your life to boost your spiritual power and manifest a happy, healthy and wealthy life. 

     Because the more you practice these rituals, the stronger you build …

 …A Direct, Divine Connection to The God-Force

     You’ll gasp as you discover, page by page, the true power behind the religion you once felt abandoned by, and feel a floodgate of relief wash over you as you realize why it was never your fault the entire time. 

     You’ll shiver as you feel the ecstatic nostalgia that you had as a child return as your connection with God-Force returns – only this time, you can feel Divine jolts of live energy vibrating like electricity through your body in ways a child could never understand.

     Your heart will melt open with child-like joy as you experience divine love, perhaps even for the very first time as you enter deeper into the God-Force field … giving you the ability to open up to others and form new relationships on deeper and more intimate levels than ever before in your life. 

     Just imagine it now …

     Going to work after performing a new ritual with a newfound sense of confidence as you realize the vitality and power you’ve been cultivating is something your coworkers will never know exists, and almost feel bad for them as you gain an unfair advantage that they will never have …

     Imagine feeling complete because you understand yourself and have a direct connection with the Divine that you’ve kept silence all your life. 

     Imagine becoming your best and most successful self, having the car, the house, the spouse, the vacations, and everything else your heart’s desire WITHOUT struggle because you’ve programed the Universe to have your back and make it happen FOR you. 

     This, and so much more can be yours once you get started with the Ritual Magick Manual like so many others have before you. 

     However …

     I can’t take credit for these rituals.

     These are ancient rites, passed down generation after generation, mainly amongst secret societies like the Rosicrucians and the Hermetics, to which we are a part of.

     I did not make the rituals of the Magick of Light up; I simply compiled them for members of our Order (the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where I serve as a leader).

     Even though these holy ceremonies have been proven to transform your life and the world around you, they have been hidden from the public eye for centuries. 

     Why?  Because powerful elitists want to rule the world.

     They wield power over by keeping you disempowered. They would rather tell you how to live your life than give you the keys to spiritual freedom yourself or they would lose all power over you!

     I’ve consulted EVERYONE I could find who was a successful Magician, and it led me to the Golden Dawn, where these 660+ pages of rituals come from.

     I’ve practiced every single one, and because they are so specific, they simply work as instructed, without having to “believe” in someone or something outside of yourself to get the results you are looking for. 

     But it’s not just ME that they work for – they work for anyone who tries them!

     Think of it like cooking a recipe:  Each rite is an ingredient, and so long as you follow the instructions, you’ll end up with what you want.  How GOOD it becomes is based on how many times you do it. 

     Because the rumors are true:  Now that these rituals have been given to the public, we see more and more why people have trusted these Rosicrucian rituals for centuries.

     Back in 1999, when the Ritual Magick Manual was first published by the Golden Dawn, it sold out and jumped up to $1,000 per hard copy overnight.  In fact, it still sells for $1,000 hard copy today on Amazon, and used copies up to $3,249.50. 

     You can look and see for yourself.

    The reason why is because there are so few available in the world today, and the information they contain is simply that powerful and sought after by those who are “in the know” …

     “Now I must warn you…this is a controversial manual, because it hands you the keys!

     Because of this…Many group leaders and organizations DON’T want you to have it, in fact they’ve done their best to keep it off amazon, keep it off being reprinted and keeping it OUT of your hands…but for the dedicated persistence of a few…”

     So I decided to create an electronic version to help everyone else get their hands on the material for only $49, which thousands of people have happily paid and personally thanked me for.

     But you won’t have to pay $1,000.

     But You won’t have to $100

     Not $99.  Not $79.

     For you, today, it’s only $49!

My “Doubled” Magick Power Guarantee

     Iron Clad Guarantee #1:  If for any reason, you don’t think the Ritual Magick Manual is the most profound $49 you’ve ever spent, just email me and I’ll gladly hand you back every penny – and you get to keep it.

     How’s that for magical? 

     But, you may have been right.  There IS a catch.  

I can only sell 1,111 copies at this price…

     Since so many people have already paid up to $1,000 for this text, I can’t sell unlimited copies to everyone else for only $49.  That would not be fair!

     That’s why I can only sell 1,111 copies for this extremely low price.

     Time is of the essence, so if You really want all this

…then take action right AWAY! 

     Not only will these 1,111 copies go fast, but once we reach our limit, you can expect it to go back up to $1000, which could be at any time.  

     Click the Buy Now button below to claim your discount and gain instant access to the Ritual Magick Manual for just $49. 

YES!  Teach Me The Magick Of Light Now

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     So go ahead.  Order now, spend 10 minutes a day with your Ritual Magick Manual, and watch new results come into your life.

     You’ll never think of “God” the same way again.  

To your unlimited God-Force power,

David Griffin
Rosicrucian Imperator
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Alpha Ωmega Rosicrucian Mystery School

P.S.  Before you grab your copy, I almost forgot something critical …

WARNING: Do not attempt Ritual Magick rituals

without this official manual! 

     A chef without a recipe can either create something amazing, or completely destroy your dinner party.  But unlike the risk between a good meal or disappointed guests – the stakes with ritual magick are HUGE!

     Without proper guidance, Ritual Magick can be dangerous. In Ritual Magick, there exists not only a Magick of Light, but also a Magick of Darkness.

     There are lots of books on today Ritual Magick, but many of them are dangerous and can seduce you down a path to Dark Sorcery.

     Some mistake the notion that Dark Sorcery is more powerful, yet what it truly does is take away your freedom and turns you into a subservient follower.

     Then it would have been better for you to never have discovered the God-Force at all.

     If you perform a ceremony without the proper guidance, the consequences could be anything from getting even more stuck in a situation you don’t want, to summoning dark demonic energy that follows you and binds you feeding off of you, for the rest of your life.  

     Do NOT attempt to learn Ritual Magick on your own without proper guidance.  You WILL make mistakes, and those mistakes could cost you your life and even your mind.

     The Ritual Magick Manual, written by a Hermetic Master, is the ONLY book that teaches the complete secret method of the ancient Rosicrucian system of the Magick of Light and hands the keys of freedom and mastery to you… safely.

     This tiny $49 investment is the only thing standing between an attempt that makes things worse for you, and a proper holy ceremony that uplifts and transforms everything in your life.

     Grab Your $49 Copy Now While You Still Can!

P.P.S. Remember:  There are more detailed ancient rituals in this 660+ page magical manual than you can find in a small library. 

     This magical system is hundreds of years old and has been guarded by powerful secret societies until now.  People have paid $1,000 for this text in print, and $49 for the same download you are about to receive for $49. 

     And, if for any reason you want a refund, you’ll get every penny back and the manual is still yours.  It’s a no brainer. We trust you!We rely on good faith and your honesty…

P.P.P.S.  I wasn’t planning on putting any more testimonials for this manual up, since it’s so inexpensive and sells itself so well.  But this recent comment we received in facebook was just too great not to post here.

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